Full Audio Suited & Booted 2022

Big Thanks to everyone who attended wear a touch of Green/Lime Bring Your Own Drinks Day Party!!

Suited & Booted Bring your own Drinks

Bank Holiday 1st May 2022

A massive thank you to everyone that attended BMR ARP in conjunction with Flowers An Fragrance Suited and Booted event yesterday💃🏾🥳 Wow great feed back this from this event👍🏾💥💥💥💥

To all DJs who offered an outstanding delivery ‘once again’, you all did us proud😂🙄

To our original Flower Ladies Sandy Belle Fleur Debz Bee 🐝 Desiree Oridota Sharona Rose 🌹 Mo Bee and Alison Walcott,😘 we appreciate you all so much, your continuous support does not go unnoticed…

😊 To the ARP team who decorated the hall, kept the party people informed and managed the event professionally and courteously.

😊 Big up the bar staff, Karen and Nevil on the door the security, the chef 🎩 hat’s off to that righteous food😋

😊 Big shout out to dGdezignz.com, whom filmed and recorded the night as well as looking after the DJ’s.

Do Remember to save the 3rd of June to yah diary and Nostalgia⛴on the 5th of June💥💥💥💥💥

From Jazzie Dee aka Pastor Flowers An Pash

Big up, manners and respect to:

@Team Attraction, @Yvonne UK,
@Flowers An Fragrance, @Original Flower Ladies, @Pashionate’s Spot (Pash) @Carolblessup, @Wynter-Flowers, @Fast Eddie Productions, @dGdezignz.com, @Sky Angel, @Family Affair, @Father 2 Father, @T.O.C.S Together Our Community Survives, @Legacy Gala @Smoke Dog Promotions, @Jazzie Dee aka Pastor Flowers, @Chantimelle Mas, @Team A.R.P, @Team No Sleep, @Breakfast Club, @Team Aries, @Sir Desi Gee, @Latest Edition (DJ Legs), @Nasty Boyz (Big Gee), @Original Special Touch (Nigel B), @Soul 2 Soul (Jazzy B) @Sweet Beat Sound (Chris Baxter), @Alan Todd, @Elliot Paterson, @Freedom Bola Owoborode, @Alan Heath, @Touch Tee, @The Spot, @Party can’t Done, @Last Man/Woman standing, @Ever Fresh-Ever Clean, @Den-Den Demure, @Clothes can’t Done!